MTB Race 3 gets under way at Rozel Campsite, and it’s race face time for the U6’s!

MTB Race 3 gets under way at Rozel Campsite, and it’s race face time for the U6’s!

A warm Wednesday night at the grass track, learning skills with friends and riding together

“Determination is a positive emotional feeling that involves persevering towards a difficult goal in spite of obstacles” - in other words, You put your head down, you get stuck in and you don’t give up.

Sometimes you just need a hand to get started... and then you're up and off! Eventually it's your turn to give a bit back to the next generation, and so the wheel keeps turning.

A rider takes his turn to sprint at the front of a group, allowing the rest to shelter from the wind and to be towed along in his slipstream. The rider at the back is using 30% less energy than the rider at the front. Working together efficiently, allows the group to achieve a faster speed than if they all rode alone.

The Under 6’s stick to the grass for skills and mini races, but they’re always desperate to get on the track with the big kids. At the end of the season, at the day Omnium, they finally get let loose as they graduate to the tarmac

We are extremely grateful for the support given to us by our community

Older brother and ride marshal, keeps a watchful eye and offers encouraging words to his younger brother during a race.

Racing is a family business - brother and sister battling it out.

It's time to get your race face  on!

Jersey Water very kindly allow us to race on their land at Val de Le Mar, overlooking St Ouens Bay. It's quite a view - not that the under 12's and 14's are bothered, they're on the start line and ready to race!

It's all about positioning at the start of a race. Keep out of trouble and work your way up, or get stuck in and hang on at the front? Whatever happens, keep going!

Communication on the bike is a skill the riders start to develop early on, as It's an essential part of cycling safely in a group and for working tactically together.

Everyone loves race day - except for those that have to do the washing after!

It's often a struggle - to get up the climb, to keep up with the riders ahead, to hold your position, to do your best, to keep going.

Simply friendship

There's a lot going on - Knee out, shoulders low, & flexed elbows push the bike into the turn, weight forward forces front tyre to find maximum grip, outside pedal down, coach shouting, rider behind you, big slope, 3 laps to go, 25kph

The time trial or race of truth, is all about pacing, aerodynamics, strength and endurance and the ability to control the effort - don't go out too fast, maintain speed and position, but have nothing left at the finish

Pick your line and stick with it! Commitment gets you through - whatever is in your way

Long warm evening at Les Quennevais

They say the time to go is when they're napping. The breakaway is high risk and it doesn't always work. It requires a massive effort to get away from the pack - but do it right, and by the time they're realised, you're gone