Membership Policy


  1. Membership of Jersey Youth Cycling is for children only. By association, parents/guardians, or anyone else deemed to be associated with the member, shall be bound by the membership policy (please see Page 2).
  2. By attending Jersey Youth Cycling events as a non-member or by taking out annual membership of Jersey Youth Cycling, individuals and their parents/guardians consent to the member being bound by the Code of Conduct, Disciplinary Process, Cancelation Policy and anti-bullying Policy of Jersey Youth Cycling, and by the Byelaws, Technical Regulations, Code of Conduct, Child Protection and Anti-Doping policies of British Cycling which will be updated from time to time. Copies available at and at 
  3. Jersey Youth Cycling shall be entitled to refuse an application from, or suspend or cancel the Membership of, any Member in its absolute discretion. 
  4. The Membership of each Member will commence on the date on which it is purchased and automatically expire on 31stDecember each year. Jersey Youth Cycling does not offer an auto-renewal of membership.
  5. Jersey Youth Cycling reserves the right to suspend the use of Membership and/or any associated benefits for a period of time, to withdraw its use and such benefits completely and/or to terminate Membership if the Member (or any individual, parent, guardian, carer of the Member) breaches any of these terms and conditions (or Jersey Youth Cycling has reasonable grounds to suspect such a breach) or otherwise misuses the Membership; Jersey Youth Cycling shall not be obliged to make any refund to a Member if their Membership and/or any associated benefits are suspended or withdrawn or if their contract for the purchase of a Membership is terminated.  
  6. Jersey Youth Cycling collects personal information when an individual becomes a Member, or when Members use services or products that require the collection of personal information. Jersey Youth Cycling will use this information to provide the services requested, maintain records, notify Members of important information regarding an individual’s membership (such as renewal notices) to develop the club. Unless explicitly stated, Jersey Youth Cycling does not share such information for marketing purposes with any other organisations. Please contact us should you have any questions about the information we hold on you, by email at
  7. Members are advised to refer to the Membership terms and conditions prior to the renewal of their Membership annually, copies available upon request.

Membership Policy – Parents / Guardians

Parents/Guardians hold legal responsibility for all Members aged under 18. As such, Parents/Guardians understand and agree, in respect of the minor for which they have legal responsibility, as follows;

  1. the individual participates in events promoted under Jersey Youth Cycling's and British Cycling's rules and regulations entirely at his/her own risk; 
  2. the parent/guardian has considered and understood the nature of the events concerned and have discussed them with the individual participant; 
  3. the parent/guardian are satisfied that the individual participant is sufficiently responsible and competent to assume responsibility for their own safety whilst engaged in competition under British Cycling regulations;
  4. the parent/guardian have understood that competitors over 16 years of age are permitted to compete on the public highway and must therefore assume full and entire responsibility for their own safety in relation to other traffic; 
  5. the parent/guardian have informed the individual participant that the function of marshals in such events is to do no more than indicate the direction the rider should take and that the responsibility for safety whilst negotiating corners, turns and other hazards must rest with the rider; 
  6. the parent/guardian have impressed upon the individual participant that all competitors in events on the open road must observe the highway code and any other direction provided regarding the use of the public highway; 
  7. that the individual shall participate in such events without any liability whatsoever on the part of the promoter, promoting club, British Cycling, or any club or organisation affiliated thereto or their officials or members in respect of any injury, loss or damage suffered by him/her, provided that this does not exclude the liability of any such party for death or personal injury arising from that party’s negligence; 
  8. that the individual participant does not have any disability or medical condition, physical or mental, which could affect his/her ability to ride safely as a racing cyclist; ?
  9. the parent/guardian will notify Jersey Youth Cycling at once if at any time the individual participant becomes subject to a disability or medical condition, physical or mental, which could affect his/her ability to ride safely as a racing cyclist; and 
  10. the parent/guardian understands that the individual participant may be subject to anti-doping controls and that this may involve the removal of some of their clothing and the provision of a sample directly in the presence of a doping control officer. 
  11. These terms and conditions together with any associated application form/process comprise the entire agreement between Jersey Youth Cycling and a Member in relation to the purchase and use of their Membership and replaces any previous terms and conditions of Jersey Youth Cycling membership entered into.

Should you have any questions about this policy, or about the information we hold on you, please contact us by email at: