Senior event recommendations

The senior cycling clubs in Jersey welcome Jersey Youth Cycling riders to compete at their events.  The following recommendations should be considered by parents before entering children into a senior event.  Please also speak to the coaching team who will be able to further advise.

Ultimately, entry is at the discretion of the senior club holding the event. 

Time Trials:

  • Up to 5 mille TT’s - Youth C should only compete with chaperone riders.  Youth B and above can ride without chaperones although it is recommended that chaperones accompany first year Youth B’s and other riders competing for the first time.
  • Up to 10 mile TT’s - Youth B and above only with the recommendation that first year Youth B’s ride with chaperones.
  • 10 mile Plus TT’s - Youth A and above only

Role of Chaperones: The chaperone is there to ensure the safety of the rider.  They must not give any help or advice  that could give a competitive advantage. The chaperone must at all times remain well behind the competing rider, and not communicate with them, except when the safety of the rider is of concern.

Track Races:

First Year Youth B are recommended to ride in Division 4 races until they have gained track experience and the pace to move up.

Handicap racing is higher risk due to the nature of the mass sprint finishes.  It is recommended that only Division 3 riders and above take part in these races.  The Coaching team will provide specific guidance on a race by race basis.

Road Races:

Juniors only are permitted to race in Road events

Hill Climbs:

Same guidelines as 5 mile TT’s


Additionally, the Coaching teams recommendation would be that Youth B riders avoid competing in more than one competitive event per week.