Costs & General Info

Jersey Youth Cycling - Annual Academy membership is £90

We offer siblings a reduced rate:

  • £80 for 2nd child;
  • £70 for 3rd child
  • £60 for 4th child etc.

There is a 50% reduction for any child joining after 1 September.

The membership is annual and will expire on 31 January.

Membership is undertaken online using the British Cycling (BC) membership portal.  If you need to check your BC membership number please contact the BC Membership Team on 0161 274 2010 or email them at  Please note that there is a £1 admin fee payable.

It is not a requirement to be a member of BC to join JYC.

Membership includes races organised by the Jersey Cycling Association senior clubs.

A rider can attend two free taster sessions.  Thereafter it is a requirement to join JYC to continue attending sessions /events.

IMPORTANT  -  Children should be able to independently ride their bike for 1 lap of the Les Quennevais circuit.  Helmets are compulsory and bikes must have brakes, but NO stabilisers.  Coaches will not allow a rider to take part if their bike is deemed to be unsafe.

JYC is keen to attract as wide a membership as possible and does not wish cost to be a barrier.  We have put aside a fund for any parent/guardian who needs additional support; application should be made via any committee member.



We use to announce events and to communicate with you.  Accepting/declining invitations via Spond is essential as this allows us to organise the sessions and allocate coaches effectively.

We also have a closed Facebook group which you will be given access to, where we share club news, events and results.


If you have any membership queries or any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at